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Authors: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hartschuh, Dr. med. Nina Scheiba

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Last updated on: 29.10.2020

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Cyclist node; Cyclist's modules; Perineal nodular induration; Third testicle

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Rare, benign induration of the subcutaneous tissue in the perineal area as a result of repetitive local pressure and/or vibration, e.g. from bicycle saddles.

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Mainly for cycling with high annual mileage. Overall rarely, exact data are missing. Probably clearly underdiagnosed.

In a study of extensive mountain biking 94% of the subjects showed sonographic abnormalities, in the control group only 16% (Frauscher F et al.).

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Microtrauma by repetitive local pressure / vibration. Resulting collagen degeneration, myxoidal changes and low cell fibroblast proliferation ((Köhler P et al., Khedaoui R et al.).

Clinical features
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Subcutaneous induration in the perineal area. Mostly unilateral, sometimes bilateral. Initially often recurrent, in the course of time persistent (Scheiba N et al. 2020)

Differential diagnosis
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All subcutaneous medium to slow-growing tumours, e.g. lipomas, epidermal cysts, adnexal tumours, periproctitic abscess, hernias, aneurysms, syringocele of the bulbourethral gland (cowper gland), malignomas/metastases.

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Pressure relief, e.g. through cycling leave, alternatively ergonomic, soft saddle, changed riding position, recumbent bike.

In the case of pronounced findings, intralesional corticosteroids or hyaluronidase may be used.

Operative removal possible, cave recurrence due to poor pressure distribution with scarring possible.

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Last updated on: 29.10.2020