Benzyl nicotinate

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benzylis nicotinas; benzyl nicotinate; CAS No. Description: 94-44-0; INCI name: Benzyl Nicotinates

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Benzyl nicotinate is the benzyl ester of nicotinic acid with the molecular formula: C13H11NO2. Benzyl nicotinate belongs to the rubefacients.

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Medicine: Circulatory problems, rheumatic complaints, frost damage.

Cosmetics: In cosmetic applications benzyl nicotinate (usually no concentration) is offered as "lip plumpers" or as so-called "lip injection" to achieve fuller lips. The rubefaciency leads to toxic, slightly burning swelling of the lips, which persists for 60-90 minutes.

Dosage and method of use
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Ointment: Massage a thin layer 1-2 times/day in the area of the affected areas.

Standard concentration
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3-5% in ointments.

Undesirable effects
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Undesirable effects: erythema, sensation of warmth, paresthesia (see figure).

Toxic skin and mucous membrane reactions: The substance causes skin irritation depending on the concentration. Benzyl nicotinate also causes severe eye irritation and severe mucous membrane irritation (e.g. oral mucosa). The substance also causes an itchy erythema on the skin that lasts for more than 1 hour.

When applied over a large area, there is a risk of absorption of toxic quantities which can cause CNS disorders and cardiovascular failure.

Sensitization: There is a potential possibility of sensitization with allergic manifestations.

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Hypersensitivity to the active substance, application to the eye and mucous membranes, inflammatory skin diseases, open wounds, artery occlusion, cardiac decompensation, severe liver and kidney diseases, severe diabetic microangiopathy.

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