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Analytical Profile Index; Colourful row

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API is the acronym for "Analytical Profile Index". API is a commercially available rapid determination system that is suitable for the identification of fungi and bacteria depending on the composition of the culture media. The test (auxanogram) is based on classical physiological test procedures, which are precisely defined in their combination and are also called the colourful series.

The commercial API Id 32C® Auxanogram combines some conventional assimilation tests and allows the identification of a limited number of microorganisms e.g. depending on a certain carbohydrate. The test systems are housed in small reaction vessels containing the various substrates.

The identification possibilities using an auxanogram are limited, as the system was developed only for the rapid identification of clinically relevant fungi. This is especially important for the definition of systemically relevant yeast infections (see below Candida glabrata).

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API Id 32C®, BioMrieux /Nürtingen

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