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Age inhibition

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Term used to describe measures to delay the biological ageing of people, maximise the quality of life in old age and prolong life. Use of the term in the fields of medicine, nutritional science, the food supplement industry, the cosmetics industry and in cosmetic surgery.

General information
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  • The physiological aging process is influenced by genetics, lifestyle, environmental influences, biochemical factors and hormones, among others.
  • Lifestyle and environmental conditions influence the ageing process. Negative effects such as nicotine and alcohol consumption, sleep deficits, overweight, stress, traffic noise and environmental pollution accelerate the process.
  • Biochemical aging is the occurrence of free radicals in the body, which are considered to be potentially cell-damaging. Some authors propagate the alimentary supply of vitamins, lipoic acid or selenium to neutralize these radicals. Scientific studies currently show no conclusive results.
  • Hormonal aging is attributed to a reduced production of various hormones in the body. According to recent studies, however, the substitution of male sex hormones as an anti-aging strategy is ineffective. In a double-blind study with 144 test persons (> 60 years) no significant effects were observed with regard to fat distribution, maximum oxygen volume, muscle strength and glucose tolerance. However, the too short duration of the study was a limiting factor.
  • The term anti-aging therapy covers a wide range of measures. These include, for example, the application of cosmetics, the supportive alimentation of fruit, vitamins (balanced diet), avoidance of overweight, regular exercise, absolute ban on smoking, avoidance of excessive sun exposure (incl. solariums) and stress reduction.

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Remember! With advancing life expectancy, age-specific diseases can occur and/or the incidence of malignant diseases can increase!

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