Alexandrite laser

Author: Prof. Dr. med. Peter Altmeyer

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Solid state laser in which metal ions (chromium) are embedded within a crystal (beryllium alumina) as the active medium. The emission line is at 755 nm.

General definition
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Long pulsed alexandrite laser light (3-50 ms) penetrates the skin and couples to the pigment cell of the hair follicle, inactivating the hair follicle. Since this coupling of the laser light is selective for dark hair, the best results are also achieved with laser epilation on dark hair on light skin. In Q-switched mode effective against tattoos.

With the Q-switched alexandrite laser, pulse lengths in the picosecond range have been possible for some time. With these shorter pulses, tattoos can be removed faster and better.

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Black, blue or green tattoos, dirt tattoos, superficial dermal hyperpigmentation or melanocytic naevi, depilation of single dark hairs.

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Standard: Laser with 6 J/cm2, 10 Hz, 3 mm spot. Lasering 1 time per month. For permanent hair removal 5-10 sessions are required. Surface anaesthesia with local anaesthetics such as EMLA cream and cooling are favourable.

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