Thioxanthines (inci)

Author: Prof. Dr. med. Peter Altmeyer

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9H-thioxanthene; CAS number: 261-31-4; Dibenzothiapyran; Thiaxanthene; Thioxanthene; Thioxanthenes; w

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"Thio..." denotes a sulphur component in the molecule, "xanthines" (not to be confused with xanthines, the naturally occurring alkaloids with a purine ring system as the basic body - typical representative is caffeine) a polcyclic hydrocarbon, a xanthene analogue with the molecular formula C13H10S. In the case of thioxanthine (thioxanthene), one carbon atom in the middle of the three rings of the xanthene is replaced by a sulfur atom.

Field of application/use
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Thioxanthine is a substance that is used in cosmetic formulations. The substance acts as a hair conditioning agent (makes the hair easy to comb, smooth, soft and shiny and gives it volume) and as an antioxidant (inhibits oxidation processes caused by oxygen and thus the degradation and spoilage of ingredients).

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