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1-methoxy-4-(2-propenyl)-benzene; 1-methoxy-4-allylbenzene; 4-allylanylanisole; CAS number: 140-67-0; Isoanethol; Methylchavicol

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Tarragol, also called isoanethol or methylchavicol, is a colourless, anise-like smelling, oily liquid with the molecular formula C10H12O, which is hardly soluble in water. Chemically it is a phenylpropanoid and an isomer of anethole.

Field of application/use
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Tarragon is a component of essential oils obtained from tarragon (Artemisia dracunculus 60-75% tarragon), basil, anise, star anise, fennel, nutmeg, pine, lemon grass and turpentine. The substance is used in perfumes, liqueurs and foodstuffs as a fragrance or flavour.

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The European Flavour Regulation 1334/2008 (Annex III, Part A) regulates the use of tarragol in flavourings and foods. As a pure substance, tarragol must not be added to flavourings and foods.

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