Maltitol (inci)

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CAS number: 585-88-6; E 965; Maltitol

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Maltitol, also known as maltitol, is a sweet-tasting disaccharide with the molecular formula C12H24O11, which is obtained from maltose by hydrogenation. Malitol is authorised as a food additive under the label E 965

Field of application/use
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Maltitol is a sugar substitute which belongs to the group of polyols (sugar alcohols) like mannitol, xylitol, sorbitol and erythritol. The substance is mainly used in sugar-free foods, e.g. for diabetics. The maximum daily consumption for an adult is stated as approx. 30-50 g.

Cosmetics: Maltitol is used in cosmetic formulations. It acts as a humectant (preserves the moisture of the skin), fragrance (reduces or inhibits the basic smell or taste of a product) and skin care product.

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