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Keratoacanthoma giganteum; Keratoakanthoma giganteum

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Rare variant of the keratoakanthoma, which is characterized by a further, continuous growth in contrast to the classical keratoakanthoma, which is mostly limited in growth. The giant keratoakanthoma initially presents itself as a typical, fast-growing keratoakanthoma, but does not behave growth-limited, but continues to grow and can reach a size of up to 10 cm.

A special variant of the giant keratoakanthoma is the Keratoacanthoma centrifugum marginatum, which is characterized by uninhibited peripheral migrating growth. In this growth formation the typical clinical (recognition) pattern of the classical keratoakanthoma is lost.

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Back of the hand, nose, but also on non-exposed skin areas.

Clinical features
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The giant keratoakanthoma shows the classical clinical morphology with peripheral lip formation and central horn plug, as well as the characteristic eruptive, "unexpectedly fast" growth behaviour (rapid growth within a few weeks and months) of the classical keratoakanthoma.

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In giant keratoakanthoma the differentiation from a common squamous cell carcinoma is difficult both clinically and histologically. The diagnosis is corroborated by the growth behaviour, by the characteristic clinical morphology (lateral lip formation, central corneal clot) and by histological confirmation

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