Carrot allergy L27.-, L23.6

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Carrot allergy; Dau c 1; Dau c 4; Dau c 5

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Allergic reaction to ingestion of carrot-containing foods. It was observed in the majority of patients with pre-acquired sensitization to birch and mugwort pollen. About 50% of patients develop a systemic reaction.

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Identified and accepted allergens of Daucus carota (Carrot)

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Relatively common food allergy (about 10% of all food allergies); third most common allergen in triggering systemic reactions; also as a trigger for oral allergy syndrome. Occupational rhinorrhoea, allergic asthma and contact urticaria are known. Asthmatic complaints can already occur when processing raw carrots.

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As allergens Dau c 1 (16-18 kDa), a protein homologous to Bet v 1 ( birch allergen), Dau c 4 a carrot profilin (12 kDa) and an isoflavone reductase-like protein (Dau c 5) were identified. The latter is also found as Bet v 6 (35 kDa) in birch pollen. A cyclin has been identified as a further allergen.

Carrot allergens are heat labile.

Cross-reactions are therefore frequently found with birch pollen in the context of a pollen-associated food allergy and celery(celery-carrot-mugwort spice syndrome).

An isolated carrot allergy without a corresponding pollen depilation is extremely rare!

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The sensitivity of an extract-based allergy test is about 80%. Dau c 1 (2 isoforems) are defined as major allergens in addition to the profilin Dau c 4.

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