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Birch Camphor

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Widespread pentycyclic triterpene alcohol (see terpenes below) with lupane skeleton, which is also found in the bark of birch trees. It is a substance of purely vegetable origin. Betulin is responsible for the white colour of birch bark.

Spectrum of action
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Independent international studies attribute antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and wound healing promoting effects to the active ingredient betulin. Betulinic acid is produced by oxidation of betulin. Betulinic acid is found in many plant species, especially in the bark of trees from the birch family, but also in the plane and ebony family. In experimental approaches, betulinic acid has an inhibitory effect on the growth of melanoma cells; it inhibits reverse transcriptase. Furthermore, betulinic acid has an antimycotic (dermatophyte) and anti plasmodic effect.

Trade names
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Imlan® (available from Birken GmbH, Streiflingsweg 11, D-75223 Niefern-Öschelbronn).

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On the basis of a birch cork dry extract containing betulin as the active ingredient and stabilizer, "Betulsion" is a solids-stabilized emulsion (Pickering emulsion), which owes its stability to a special fixation of the water droplets in the oleogel. A classical emulsifier is therefore not necessary (see below preparations - Imlan®).

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