Azo dyes

Author: Prof. Dr. med. Peter Altmeyer

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Last updated on: 29.10.2020

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Dyestuff group belonging to the tar dyestuffs. Characteristic for azo dyes are one or more azo bridges (R-N=N-R) which serve as chromophore.

General information
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In the human organism, azo dyes can be split back into their starting products (arylamines). Azo dyes which can release carcinogenic amines are prohibited in Germany for articles of daily use and tattooing agents.

Some azo dyes are permitted as food dyes. These azo dyes carry sulfonic acid residues on the aromatic compounds. Through esterification, they are easily soluble in water and can be eliminated quickly.

Azo dyes are widely used for dyeing textiles, paper, leather, waxes, fats, oils, etc.


Last updated on: 29.10.2020